AC Tournament Trail LLC



Director: Clint Marler
369 Edgewater Drive
hobart, IN 46342


Choice Points Entry Form Top 100 Money


2016 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
4/16/2016 Maxi - DNR Ramp - 7-3 EST results news
5/7/2016 Dukes results news
6/18/2016 Paw Paw - West DNR Ramp - 6-2 EST results news
7/23/2016 St. Joe River - Maggie's Ramp - 6-2 EST results news
8/20/2016 Coldwater - DNR Ramp - 7-3 EST results news
9/24/2016 Wawasee - Syracuse Ramp - 7:30-3:30 EST results news
10/1/2016 James - Dry Dock Ramp - 7:30-3:30 EST results news
***********2017 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE************
April 8 Wawasee Syracuse ramp 0630 cst 0730 est
April 29 Pine dnr ramp 0600 cst 0700 est
June 3 Paw Paw dnr ramp west 0530 cst 0630 est
July 22 Dukes Bridge dnr ramp 0530 cst 0630 est
Aug 26 Sylvan dnr ramp 0600 cst 0700 est
September 16 Dewart dnr ramp 0630cst 0730 est
October 28 Maxi dnr ramp 0730cst 0830 est

Attention Rule Change:

There will now be 5 day off limits prior to tournaments.

2016 Pre Paid

1) Brian Hensley/Ken Tucker.
2) Paul Hollabaugh/Frank Berning.
3) Gerald Duracz/Lee Duracz
4) Rich Kirsten/Jeff Noll.
5) Josh Brandenberger/Chase Fennel.
6) Kenny Farmer / Missy Farmer
7) Kevin Knapp / Brody Solmos
8) Bruce Young / Harold Chaney
9) Mike Martin / Jon Nebelung
10) Michael Macomber / Mathew Macomber

We are going to continue allowing pre payments for starting position at a first come first serve basis. $210 will hold your position for all 7 Michiana events in 2016. Mail the check to Clint Marler 369 edgewater Dr. Hobart IN 46342. We will take $30 dollars out of the $210 prepay off each tournament. For All non pre paid boats at each event will be given a starting position at first come first serve basis starting with the first position after the last pre paid. This series is for you fishermen and we want your input. Any question, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us.

We are currently working on local sponsors for the 2016 season. Please check back often to see any updates.


We are happy to announce that Paul Hallabaugh with MAGIC glass has signed on as a sponsor again this season.Again this season first place bump boards will be provided by MAGIC glass! Please give him the opportunity to service all your glass repair needs.

Please welcome clearH20 as our newest sponsor. It's official! Anglers Choice Michiana division and ClearH20 tackle have joined forces for the 2016 season. Every member of Anglers Choice Michiana division will receive 10% off their orders for the entire season! Plus Michiana division members will receive free shipping on all orders over $100.00. In addition to all this the highest finishing team that it first out of the money with a ClearH20 sticker on their truck or boat will receive a $50.00 gift certificate at each tournament! Please take a moment to check our ClearH20 and thank Darrin Schaap for extending this awesome offer to us at Anglers Choice Michiana division. I promise you will not be dissapointed.