Director: Clint Marler
369 Edgewater Drive
hobart, IN 46342


Choice Points Entry Form Top 100 Money


2015 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
4/18/2015 Pine/stone 6:30 cst/ 7:30 est- 2:30 cst/ 3:30 est results news
5/16/2015 Lake Tippecanoe -dance hall 6:30 est - 2:30 est results news
6/6/2015 Lake Maxinkuckee - public ramp 6:00 est - 2:00 est results news
7/25/2015 St Joe river - Maggies 6:30 est - 2:30 est results news
8/22/2015 Winona - Fairgrounds 7:00 est - 3:00 est results news
9/12/2015 James - Dry Dock 7:30 est - 3:30 est results news
9/26/2015 Wawasee - syracuse ramp 8:00 est - 4:00 est results news
ATTENTION: Attention Rule Change:

There will now be 5 day off limits prior to tournaments.

2015 Pre Paid

1) Brian Whitaker/Chip Harrison
2) Paul Hollabaugh/Frank Berning
3) Arthur Kerns/Clifford Kerns
4) Gerald Duracz/Lee Duracz
5) Scott Bolka/Dave Cermak
6) Rich Kersten/Jeff Noll

We are going to continue allowing pre payments for starting position at a first come first serve basis. All non pre paid boats at each event will be given a starting position at first come first serve basis starting with the first position after the last pre paid. This series is for you fishermen and we want your input. Any question, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Phil and myself would like to thank Mitch and Candy Hayes for over 25 years of hosting one of the most professionally run tournaments there is.We hope nothing but the best to them both and look forward to seeing them on the water.