Chaonia Landing-7:00 to 3:00
Final Results

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1st place James Goodpasture & Scott Fischer

2nd place Don Lynn & Larry Thurman


 Reported by Ron Niswonger

Air Temp 38-48
Winds NNE Light
Lake 360 rising
Water stained to muddy
Water temp 55
35 boats

Tough tournaments are going to happen. It is just the nature of…well…nature. Flood conditions, cold muddy water, plummeting air temperatures, high barometric pressure are all things that tournament anglers deal with. When they all happen at the same time it usually sets up for a long day on the water.

Thirty nine teams took off from host Chaonia Landing Marina on Sunday for the inaugural Anglers’ Choice event on Southeast Missouri’s Lake Wappapello. The lake was swollen and rapidly rising due to heavy rains in the area during the previous two days. The low pressure had moved out overnight and anglers were faced with high pressure, cold temps and rising water. Tough conditions not-with-standing someone always manages to make it look easy.

James Goodpasture and Scott Fischer accomplished just that with an impressive five fish limit that weighed eighteen and a half pounds. “We stayed up river all day,” said Goodpasture. “The river was really too muddy to fish so we caught our fish in the creeks off the main river. We caught them on crankbaits in fairly shallow water,” he added. “We got most of them early and it seemed like once the high pressure settled in our fish just shut down.” The first place team took home $1680 plus trophies.

Larry Thurman and Don Lynn took second place with their limit of fish that weighed 12.45 pounds. “We caught our fish early on crankbaits in a creek near Chaonia Landing,” said Lynn. “By 10:30 this morning we were done.” They reported catching fish in shallow water and fishing their crankbaits “very slow.” They took home $1100 plus trophies for their efforts.

The father and son team of Danny and Dirk Livingston took third place honors by virtue of their limit of bass that weighed 11.94 pounds. The also fished crankbaits in shallow water in areas around the host marina. “We caught four keepers early but didn’t get the last fish until just before weigh-in,” said Dirk. They were awarded $765 plus trophies.

Paul and Kason Henderson only weighed in four fish but they were the right size. Their four fish weighed almost ten pounds and earned them $290 and fourth place.

Steve Hardin and Steve Seiter were consistent with most of the field by only managing two fish that was worthy to be weighed, but they too were the right size. Their two fish pulled the scales down to 8.98 pounds. Impressive kickers by anyone’s standards. They were awarded $290 for fifth place.

Jamie and Colton Thrurston took home the last paying spot along with big bass of the tournament. They weighed in two fish at 7.7 pounds. Their big fish weighed 6.7 pounds and was fooled by a lipless crankbait. It earned them $350 plus trophies.