Victory Series - Everybody Wins!
By Rick Byrnes


 December 9th, 2023

AC Tournament LLC will be launching the Victory Series in 2024. What is the Victory Series? The Victory Series will allow teams to gain U.S. Angler's Choice payback and Championship points for fishing other events not affiliated with U.S. Angler's Choice. It is a digital series in which we will only use published results from these selected events. The events are not AC events; you can only enter the Victory Series if you have paid an entry into a selected event or series. You are fishing under that event's rules, not AC's.

If you have entered one of the select events, you will have an option to pay an entry to U.S. Angler's Choice (Victory Series). For example, for those of you who have ever pulled up to the ramp and entered two events that were there, this is very similar, with the exception that AC will not be there. We will simply use the digital results from the event to pay places and award Championship points.

Teams fish for more money: Teams electing to enter the Victory Series will be fishing for double payback the event entered payback and the standard U.S. Angler's Choice payback. You could potentially finish just out of the money in the event and win the Victory Series first place prize. Points will be awarded as they are in any AC event, but only to those who enter the Victory Series.

Charity Events: AC will be promoting selected Charity events. Over the years, we have seen these events dwindle in participation. The payback in these events cannot compete with today's outlaw events or circuits. They are sending money to charities for a good cause. For instance, in the area I call home, we once had a Shriners Hospital event on Rend Lake. This event would draw well over 200 boats back in the day. It no longer exists. The Harkins 4-man charity event would fill up within days of entry release. It now struggles to get a half-full field. I remember winners of these events donating their earnings back to the Charity; times have changed, but that's another story. AC is going to use the promotional tools we have, such as text, email, and paid Social Media promotion, to increase turnout in these events, and once again, Victory Series Teams will fish for more and receive "Choice Points."

Fishery Pressure: In some cases, we may utilize the Victory Series to add an opportunity for anglers where we do not have a presence. Rather than add another trail to a body of water, we may select an existing trail to be Victory Series qualified. This will give these participants the opportunity to not only compete for double paybacks but also to gain points to qualify for the only team Championship in the United States that awards three fiberglass boats at a single event. Truly one of the most lucrative Championships in the Country

Summary: I have run tournaments since 2001, starting my first AC trail as a Winter series on Lake Egypt. I have fished tournaments for 42 years. Over this time, there have been many changes, some good but many bad. In my geographical area, we once had four or five trails awarding three or more boats at a year-end Championship. These were all active around the same time period; some would draw over 100 boats in an event.

Back then, there wasn't Social Media where anyone with a scale could promote and run events. Events were insured and would draw large fields. Charity events were the largest draws by far; now, they struggle to exist in many cases.

I believe the Victory Series will be good for all involved and a needed change. The Charity events we select will see increased turnout with our promotion. We can add a new series to an area without increasing fishery pressure, other than the increase in numbers the existing trail will see because of the opportunities the Victory Series offers. Finally, teams will fish for more money than ever before at these events, if they opt to.

U.S. Angler's Choice does appear to be the only trail left in the United States awarding three boats at a year-end Championship. There is a reason for this; it is financially almost impossible to do. The Victory Series will allow us to continue to offer teams these opportunities if the angler adopts it and utilizes the opportunity. So I am hopeful we have found a solution for many with the Victory Series.