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Lake Geneva
Director: Thomas Gradowski
107 Hawthorne Dr
Lindenhurst, IL 60046


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2018 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
5/6/2018 Lake Geneva results news
6/10/2018 Lake Geneva - Williams Bay results news
6/24/2018 Lake Geneva - Williams Bay results news
7/15/2018 Lake Geneva - Williams Bay results news
8/12/2018 Lake Geneva - Williams Bay results news
8/26/2018 Lake Geneva - Williams Bay results news
9/16/2018 Lake Geneva- Williams Bay 6am-TBA results news
ATTENTION: Well boys and girls. Its been a great time. Thanks for choosing me as your director. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys and gals to work with. I will never forget my experience with you all. A very special thanks to Billy Heim from "Night Prowler Guide Service" John Demay from Dem Jigs Scott Taege from Last Cast and last but not least Jeramie Hewkin from "One of the boys" thanks from the whole Lake Geveva trail for all your unasked help but much appreciated!!!! Never said I wont be back somewhere down the road. Until I see you all on the water again. Tight Lines Tom

Congratulation's To Our Team of the year. The Hewkins Boys. And to all of you who made the classic.

Looking for a sub?

Hey, this is Austin Pack, I'm 17 and looking to fish a couple tournaments, willing to travel, thanks!

5/6/18 "In the books"

6/10/18 5:15 "In the books" Thanks Tom

6/24/18 " "

7/15/18 " "

8/12/18 " "

8/26/18 " "

9/16/18 "Open No Membership Fee's" 6:30-3

1 Team Heim
2 Team Alcock
3 Team Stevenson
4 Team Schmidt
5 Team Esko
6 Team Capasso
7 Team Winston
8 Team Berkley
9 Team Erath
10 Team Gardner
11 Team Panfil
12 Team Halstead
13 Team Martin
14 Team Boyle
15 Team Roeser
16 Team Garcia
17 Team Grossi
18 Team Spaw
19 Team Fuerst
20 Team Sherman
21 Team DeMay
22 Team Raclawski
23 Team Bires
24 Team Hughes
25 Team Pawola
26 Team Pollak
27 Team Miller
28 Team Ricchio
29 Team Hewkin
30 Team Zimmerman
31 Team Barbour
32 Team Taege
33 Team Olson
34 Team Nemcek
35 Team Wright
36 Team Schutt
37 Team Grabow
38 Team Driscol
39 Team Romani
40 Team Farchione Online
41 Team Renella online
42 Team Ornberg Online
43 Team Barnard
44 Team Martel Online
45 Team Brennan FC
46 Team Harrell Online
47 Team Mui
48 Team Jurczykowski FC
49 Team Pink Online
50 Team Levans FC
51 Team MADLENDER online

Thanks again to all those that helped and offer to.