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Fox Lake Chain
Director: Tom Gradowski
107 Hawthorne Dr.
Lindenhurst,IL 60046


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2018 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
4/29/2018 Port of Barney results news
5/12/2018 Port of Barney results news
6/17/2018 Port of Barney results news
7/1/2018 Port of Barney results news
7/29/2018 Port of Barney results news
9/8/2018 Port of Barney results news
10/6/2018 Port of Barney results news
We are going to do a 20 dollar option pot for both Fox Chain and Geneva. For ever 10 boats we will pay another place. $200

$50 per tournament for deposit. Anyone that signs up at the ramp will be first come first serve.

Hey, this is Austin Pack, I'm 17 and looking to fish a couple tournaments, willing to travel, thanks

2019 AC Fox Chain Dates
4/14 5/11 6/9 6/23 7/21
9/29 10/13

2020 Fox Chain Dates
April 25 May 17 June 7July 12 July 26 September 20 Oct 11

4/29 In the books. Thanks again for all your support. Hope to see you all at the next one.

5/12 5:45 meeting 6am take off. "In the books"

6/17 5:30 meeting 5:45 Take off

7/1 "In the books"



1 Team Mazzuca
2 Team Fredricks
3 Team Rasmussen
4 Team Amodio
5 Team Jaworski
6 Team Ferguson
7 Team Kim
8 Team Rzadzki
9 Team Taylor
10 Team Becker
11 Team Sherman
12 Team Schmieglitz


1 Team Ferguson
2 Team Rzadzki
3 Team Mazzuca
4 Team Jaworski
5 Team Fredricks
6 Team Rasmussen
7 Team Becker
8 Team Sherman
9 Team Schmieglitz

Would you like to win one of three new BASS CAT boats?

Our Classic
The US Angler's Choice format allows any team to win big. Teams must prove themselves on neutral waters against all other qualifiers at our Classic. This allowed three teams to win a new Bass Cat boats rigged with Mercury Motors. Each of these boats were equipped with an impressive list of accessories. Classics are the backbone of a any circuit and they allow an evening of the odds if located on neutral waters. Every lake and area has a group of accomplished anglers that are in the check line more often than not. The question is when you take that specific on the water knowledge away who comes out on top. Some fear it, some love it

Three Bass Cat boats will be awarded at the 2018 U.S. Angler's Choice Championship!

You too could do this. Fish here to qualify.
We are still looking for a few good fishermen.