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3/25/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY-ANCHOR MARINA results news
4/15/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY-ANCHOR MARINA results news
5/6/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY-ANCHOR MARINA results news
6/24/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY ANCHOR MARINA results news
8/19/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY-ANCHOR MARINA results news
9/23/2012 CHESAPEAKE BAY-ANCHOR MARINA results news
11/4/2012 CHESAPEAKE results news
ATTENTION: Welcome !! First Tournament March 25th,2012
( Sunday's) Launching out of Achor Marina in Northeast, MD......One Trail for Chesapeake, This is it!!You've asked for it & now you got it!
All other Trails have been Eliminated!!
"ALL" TX's $150 Entry Fee's !! ALL TX's will last "8.5 hrs",Pre-pay for the year & get Boat # for the Year !
Call 1(443)480-1730 for Upcoming Tournament(s) Information or Cancellations. Call-ins will be accepted but pre-paids will have "Priority" boat positioning for Launch. Three (3) Boats to be given away at Final Championship + Plus CASH.....!** Any Question or Comments please contact me @ call-in #. Bass Wishes, Tight Lines,Thanks & God Bless to ALL *

****DATE CHANGE FROM 10/14/12 TO 11/4/12 OUT OF ANCHOR****

Fish Guardian Bonus: The Highest finishing Team that weighed in fish and has a Fish Guardian system installed will be eligiable for an additional $100 Bonus. Don't have a system? visit to get one. Don't miss out on easy money

Launch times will be SAFE LIGHT for each tournament. Weigh in will be announced during live well check. Registration starts at 5:00 and will close at 5:45.PLEASE HAVE BOATS IN THE WATER BEFORE 5:45AM. If you plan on registering at the launch, please get there early. Also, raffling off a FISH GUARDIAN SYSTEM at the end of the season. Tickets will be on sale starting 6/23/12 and are $5 each. This system is a great system and retails for over $100. The drawling will be held at the weigh in at the last tournament. Thanks