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Morse Reservoir- Marina ramp
Final Results

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 April 7th, 2012… Morse Reservoir
The first event of the season was held on Morse Reservoir. After several seasons fishing Geist Reservoir first and then alternating back and back between the two Indianapolis reservoirs at the same time of the year and replicating the same techniques at the same time of year a change of pace was in order. So, the change was made to fish Morse Reservoir first and alternate back and forth the rest of the year. This should call for different patterns and different techniques that should have teams testing their fishing skills. Anytime there is a change, the unknown is a little scary, but the turnout was very good and the weigh in was off the charts. Twenty-three teams rolled in to participate in the first event of the season, with several dedicated members of Angler’s Choice showing up, and was nice to see several angler’s who have developed good friendships with over the years again. It was very pleasant to see new faces join the circuit and I hope they were pleased with how the tournament was ran and progressed. We are full of bells and whistles, but we like to run a tournament smoothly and quickly to get guys in and out. With the weather turning away from the flip-flop season, and the heavier clothes coming back out, and top that with fishing Morse this early in the year, I believe everyone was a little apprehensive on what was going to happen. What unfolded at weigh in really caught me off guard. I know I heard the comments, “We have weighed more five pounders today than any other tournament on Morse”, “I have not seen a nineteen pound bag on Morse not win”, and “I sure did not think there would be thirteen limits weighed in”.
Congratulations to newcomers Jason Ferguson and Brian Butcher for winning their first Angler’s Choice event with us and the first event of the season. Wow is about all you can say. Jason and Brian’s five fish limit tipped the scales, and nearly tipped them over at 22.43 pounds. This is only the second time I have witnessed a twenty plus pound bag on Morse Reservoir. Greg Ault and Jason Harrell had one a few years ago, but they are rare. When you call out a four pounder, you might think you are on Guntersville not in the mid west. Congratulations on an unbelievable day and welcome to Angler’s Choice Jason and Brian.
In second place, and how you don’t win with 19.43 I will never know, was Roger Mikels and Jason Vance. It was awesome to see Roger’s family taking a picture of their big bass with one of the kids that was almost as long as the boy. The mighty Morse monster weighed in at 6.7 pounds, and took home big bass honors. Congratulations on an outstanding day guys.
In third place was the team of Chris Glover and Jeff Hampton. Chris and Jeff are very familiar with Morse Reservoir and are contenders it seems every time we fish there. Chris and Jeff brought in a five fish limit that weighed a very respectable 15.55 pounds. Congratulations on the start to your season.
Rounding out the top five were the teams of Fred Felix and Jeff Wehner, 14.87 pounds, and Chris Lawson and Brandon Kappes, 14.81 pounds in fourth and fifth respectively.
Special thanks go out to our 2012 sponsors: Hinkle Construction, Lafayette Copier, High Tech Motor Sports, Nolleys Fiberglass, Main Street Station, Twin Lakes Fish & Game, Westbrook Agency, and Trash Kans LLC. The second event will be held on Geist Reservoir on May 5th. Sunrise that day is 6:40 a.m. The meeting will be held at 6:25, we will start at 6:40 and weigh in will be at 3:00 p.m.