AC Tournament Trail


Final Results

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FIRST PLACE Joe Mazzuca & Travis Alcock 13.44 lbs
BIG BASS 6.66 lbs. Jeff Harvey & Chuck Holub


 Story by the Winners

It was a tough morning cold and windy and the bite was very slow. After fishing our main spot with nothing in the well we decided to switch to our third option. We were getting worried if we were even going to catch any because we did not have a bite till 10:30 and by 11 we had a limit and were culling by 11:15 turned out we were at the right place at the right time. If we have not had the power pole we could not fish the areas we fished due to the wind because it was blowing pretty good where we fished and we were able to really work the areas well and get them to bite. On our way back to the weigh in we decided to stop by a little channel and there were a few boats in there and we went back in about 100 yards and it paid off we were able to upgrade. We would like to thank Ben Watts Marina, Power Pole, S & S Landscaping and Nursery and Ranger Boats for their help and support with everything.